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  1. Thanks for creating this fascinating website- I found it by running a google search for Franz Rehfeld.
    I too am a collector of Rehfeld, Monsieur X, and many other artists.
    My interests include original art by John Willie, Stanton, Bilbrew, Crepax.
    My photography collection is largely stereoscopic erotica from the 1880’s thru the 1930s.
    Do you ever sell or trade?
    I hope to hear from you- I’m in California

    1. Dear Joel, thank you for your mail. I’m always happy to meet more crazy guys like me. Until now there are some technical problems with this new homepage. That’s why I found your letter not earlier. I think for the moment, it would be easier to write to sisander@yahoo.de. Here I look nearly every day.
      All the best for the moment
      Siegfried Sander

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